New Moon in Cancer ~ Your Inner Mama

I love the Moon, so I confess to some bias, but I truly believe that the key to everyone’s heart is the placement of the Moon in their chart. Only when you really understand and empathize with someone will you understand the rhythm of their heart ~ not the physical heartbeat, but the thump…thump…thump that makes them feel truly alive. That heartbeat is their Moon.

There are plenty who will disagree, saying that the Sun is our true essence, who we truly are, and will go on to remind me that Leo rules the heart in our bodies. I’m not talking about that heart.

I’m talking about the heart that swells when we are really really happy, the one that stops for a minute when we set our eyes on someone we’ve missed, and the one that breaks when we lose someone dear. That heart.

Western astrology places the greatest emphasis on the Sun, but that’s just a little addendum put into place long, long after lunar cultures were the norm.

What does the Moon represent in our chart? Very simply, happiness. The Moon is our inner mama and she knows that the way to our heart is by making us happy. She knows all the tricks to fill us with joy.inner mama

Moon in water signs ~ you need to feel the connection, the emotion, and need some attention paid to your sensitive side.

Moon in fire signs ~ you need an adventure, some spice in your life, and attention paid to your spirit.

Moon in earth signs ~ you need your security, not to be worried about today or tomorrow, attention paid to your practical needs.

Moon in air signs ~ you need your brain stimulated, time and room to think, attention paid to your interests.

Ever heard the expression, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?” That’s pretty accurate in the households I know, and a very good description of the sign of Cancer. During this New Moon in Cancer, do something wonderful for yourself, be the best mother you can be to yourself, nurturing in yourself exactly what you need to to make and keep your inner mama happy.