Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide through the Dark

Today I’d like to tell you about Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide through the Dark, a new book by Mandi Lockley. It will do wonders to keep you on track during Saturn’s 2½ year transit through Scorpio.

You may recall that Mandi coordinated the series of Saturn articles in the 2010 Blogathon. We learn from her biography that she has an 8th house Capricorn Sun, and is therefore extremely well acquainted with Saturn and the Scorpion’s territory. From her keen understanding and life-long training in this arena, she offers up a treasure-trove of astrological wisdom.

We are first introduced to Saturn and then to Scorpio in the opening pages before Mandi masterfully weaves the Saturnian tapestry that hangs before us for the next few years.

On Saturn ~

“All physical barriers come under Saturn’s rulership including our skin, which is the literal limit of the physical body and the barrier between the self and the not-self. Fences, walls, locked doors and ‘keep out’ signs designed to deter the unauthorised and defend whatever is within, also come under Saturn’s symbolism. By extending this psychologically, we can see how Saturn has come to represent the limits of our ego consciousness, our self-imposed limitations, where we draw our emotional boundaries, where we hit psychological barriers and where we become defensive.”

On Scorpio ~

“A scorpion’s sting is one of nature’s great survival mechanisms. Not only does it allow the scorpion to immobilise its pray, it also provides the perfect defence against predators. The scorpion, like all of nature’s best survivors, won’t deploy its poisonous sting unless entirely necessary. To attack indiscriminately is a waste of its precious resources.”

Mandi takes us deep into our charts by exploring Saturn in Scorpio through the houses. This section of the book goes into great detail and differs from the usual cookbook interpretations of Saturn in Scorpio and Saturn in the houses. This is Saturn in Scorpio in the houses! You won’t get that in a cookbook. She also details aspects to all natal planets and includes an extended section on Saturn to Saturn transits and Saturn Returns.

Get this book! It will be a go to reference that you’ll return to again and again. And, it’s modestly priced at only $5.99 for the Kindle edition, which is alluring to the Saturn in all of us.

You can read the introductions and more on the extended Amazon preview. The book is available for the Kindle or as a pdf directly from Mandi on her website, Astroair Astrology.

About Mandi

Fascinated by astrology most of her life, Mandi cast her first horoscope back in 1985. Latterly, she studied at The London School of Astrology for over three years and gained the school’s Certificate in 2005. She also studied under Noel Tyl between 2008 and 2010.

Committed to self development – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually – Mandi believes in doing her best to live her life true to herself and her life purpose, in service to others and in harmony with the cycles of the universe. These values are also the focus of her work with her clients.

Chiron ~ The Wounded Healer

I saw this video on Jana Groscot Matthews’ site, New Moon Manifesting, which I just discovered this past weekend. Jana has some great affirmations for Scorpio, so be sure to check out her lovely site.

2nd third of 19th century

Image via Wikipedia

There are some wonderful quotes in the video. Two of my favorites are:

In his search for his own cure, he discovered how to heal others.

When I stand before thee at the day’s end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

I remain rather clueless on how Chiron works in my chart, but expect to know a lot more after transiting Pluto finishes its conjunction to it.

Do you understand how Chiron works in your chart? Have you been healed?

Loteria for Moon in Libra

Are you familiar with loteria cards?

The cards are a Mexican bingo game for children, but the cards can be used quite successfully as an oracle. Being a lunar type, I strive to follow my hunches. Listening to my inner urges, I pulled a loteria card this morning.

La Garza / The Heron

The first thing I noticed about the card was its number ~ 19, a number of the Moon. (Of course I’m going to notice a lunar symbol first!) The Metonic cycle is the 19-year cycle of the Moon whereby it returns to the exact sign and phase it was in 19 years ago. It’s the  basis of our lunar calendars. If you keep extensive journals, take a peek at what you wrote 19 years ago.

19 is also a number associated with the cycle of Venus. She retrogrades for 40 days every 19 months. So it is through a number that the Venus/Moon symbol intuitively clicked in.

The Heron is a symbol of balance. Aha ~ Libra! Ted Andrews tells us in Animal Magic that the heron is sacred to both Athena (goddess of wisdom) and Aphrodite/Venus and carries their messages to humans. Both have proven themselves to be very wise women.

Maybe Athena’s (and Venus’) message for today is not to engage in the warlike behavior of their brother (and lover), Aries, but to use patience and strategy should any type of battle arise. In other words, “Wade it out.” Moon in Libra seeks peace, harmony, and has a need for loving relationships. As an oracle for the day, that’s much more appealing than engaging in an emotional battle.

What are your favorite lunar symbols?


Scorpio Moon Trackers are now available with new astrological calendars and transits during the sign. There’s also lots of information on Scorpio and the New and Full Moons. You can even get yours personalized with transits to your natal chart and your own calendars. Check it out here.

Scorpio ~ Feeling the Tug to Let Go?

Everything is feeling like dead weight. There’s an overwhelming urge to just throw everything out. But that’s not practical, even in the Season of Discard.

This is Scorpio, the sign of letting go. Honestly, we do have to bury our dead and we do have to make room for abundance. But today feels different. I look at the emphemeris and see that today is my personal Full Moon Day ~ the day each year when the Sun opposes my Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus.

There’s an urge to give everything away or just toss it, while at the same time I’m wondering if I might need it in the future. So, I’m compromising ~ creating a Time-released Release.

I started the morning by reading some magazines and suddenly felt overwhelmed by the piles of them around the house. I’ve decided to organize them by months. They’ll keep me reading through all of 2011, getting tossed as I clip articles that relate to zodiac signs. I swear an oath that I am NOT buying any more magazines until these are gone, tempting as new ones may be.

Hark! There must be a plan here!

Being a Cancer has its difficulties ~ moods and focus do change quickly, yet with regularity. Since this is my Full Moon Day, and it’s caught between Scorpio and Taurus, I have to reach some kind of balance on this seesaw I’ve been living with all my life.

And why am I focused on magazines today? Well, my personal Full Moon Day is squaring my Mercury, ruler of magazines. Thank goodness it will only last a day ~ otherwise, I might be down at the Library redoing their shelves!

Do you have planets in Taurus that has resulted in a similar tug? Or perhaps the Sun is squaring placements in Aquarius or Leo today?

Where’s your tug?

Death from Silver Era Tarot ~ Aunia Kahn, Artist

Scorpio ~ Quotes about Death

We are coming upon Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day, the Day of the Dead, a time to honor our ancestors and look the Grim Reaper right in the eye in hope of finding something ~ a truth, a secret, a way forward or out ~ within those hollow orbs. Ultimately, none of us knows the truth about what lays on the other side. But we can look to the words of the wise to guide us toward arriving at that final moment and realizing, yes, my life was worth it, it was not in vain.

When I go down to the grave, I can say, like so many others, I have finished my work; but I cannot say I have finished my life. My life will continue. My tomb is not a blind alley. It is a thoroughfare. ~ Victor Hugo

Silver Era Tarot ~ Aunia Kahn, Artist

There is no death! What seems so is transition. This life of mortal breath is but a suburb of the life elysian, whose portal we call death. ~ Longfellow

If your songs contain truths, then death is just the middle of a long lasting existence. ~ Lucan, Roman poet

The best way to prepare for death is to spend every day of life as though it were the last. Think of the end of worldly honor, wealth and pleasure and ask yourself: And then? And then? ~ St. Philip Romolo Neri

Truly, truly, I say unto you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. ~ John 12:24

We begin to die as soon as we are born and the end is linked to the beginning. ~ Manilius

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. ~ Flora Whittemore

If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve. ~ Unknown

The key to change… is to let go of fear. ~ Roseanne Cash

Tarot Authors on the Death Card

On the journey through the night…there is no guaranteed return ticket. ~ Hajo Banzhaf, Tarot and the Journey of the Hero

Death becomes the Teacher Card when you realize that coming to terms with death is true liberation. You can then die to those rules that constrict your freedom of spirit. ~ Mary K. Greer, Tarot Constellations

Death is not only a physical transformation but the change from a subjective to an objective state of mind. ~ Amber Jayanti, Living the Tarot

Whatever Death signifies, you can be sure that, whether or not you’re ready, here it comes–barreling around the corner. ~ Yasmine Galenorn, Tarot Journeys

You’d think that the Death card would be the last of the major arcana. It isn’t because Death is merely a spoke on the wheel of life, the gate to the afterlife. It’s a step in a process, a stage in development. The body dies but the spirit remains. ~ Lady Lorelei, Tarot Life Planner

The planets turn in a slow orbit of seasons–the barren sleep of winter always leading the Earth into the warmth and resurgence of spring; the moon lives and dies, and lives again, holding oceans and lovers captive in her spell. ~ Michele Morgan, A Magical Course in Tarot

The wise welcome the cleansing power of this card, which almost certainly suggests a time when you will have the opportunity to let go of something that is holding you back. ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, The Druidcraft Tarot

Sun in Aries / Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Aries / Moon in Scorpio
March 31, 8:41am ~ April 2, 12:51pm

  • Take the first step toward changing something
  • Get a move on
  • Spice up your ______________

Repressed negative emotions may result in insurrection rather than resurrection. ~ Sam Keen

Take the First Step Toward Changing Something

If you’re hesitating in taking the first step somewhere in your life, what are you waiting for? Aries is champing at the bit and Scorpio wants to take it all the way. Since we’re now in the waning phase of the Moon which is all about decrease, why not pull out some old something you’ve been wanting to get rid of ~ oh, say a “bad” habit of some kind ~ and start digging through the trash of it. If you can find a reason to keep it, keep it. Otherwise, try to get rid of it.

Get a Move On

You know that old saying, The longest journey begins with a single step. Aries can push you through that first step. Scorpio can get you to the finish line. If you’ve got the gumption, you can do it. Can’t think of anything? What’s grating on your nerves? Have a little nagging issue that’s on your mind now and then? There’s your answer.

Spice up Your __________________

It’s up to you to fill in the blank. Aries likes it spicy and Scorpio likes it intense. So whatever it is, these are the days to put some punch into something that’s been a little on the drab side. Aries is about newness and Scorpio is about digging deep. Together, these are the cloak and dagger team of the zodiac. Do a little investigative work to determine what might benefit from just the right spice.

At the Table

I don’t seem to be able to get off the spicy foods for Aries, but they’re among my favorite. Check out Gwen’s Scorpio Love Burns cocktail on the Intoxicated Zodiac ~ not for the faint of heart, but an Aries/Scorpio concoction sure to please the pepper-infused-chocolate lover. For Sure.

I’m reminded of Lt. Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation when I think of the Aries/Scorpio combo for food. He liked his food intense, remember? And he really enjoyed prune juice. Poor little prune, the scapegoat of food, always being made fun of. But think about prunes and Scorpio. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Intense flavor. Dark color. Elimination. Perfect! Try two or three anytime the need arises or just enjoy a prune danish. (I’ve also noticed a nice improvement to my skin with prunes. Who knows?)

Jeanne Dixon has a “Nutty Zucchini Stir” in her Astrological Cookbook. I’m not sure why she included zucchini in her Scorpio foods because squashes generally fall under the rulership of the Moon, but I’ll go with it. It’s an easy recipe to figure out ~ stir fry some sliced zucchini with onions in a little olive oil, toss in a splash of lemon juice and water, toss it all around with some chopped nuts. Dixon said the dish causes a stir when it’s served; thus the name.

If I was serving Lt. Worf, I think he’d enjoy some turnip greens ~ a very southern dish with an intense and somewhat bitter taste. They’re not my favorite, but folks who grew up on them love them. They’re very healthy with lots of nutrients and plenty of fiber. To Aries it up, throw some pepper sauce on those greens. Well, while you’re at it you might as well make Lt. Worf very happy. Give him some black-eyed peas and jalapeno cornbread, too.

In the Garden

The waning phase of the Moon is best used for planting things that produce their yield underground. That includes things like bulbs and root crops (onions, turnips, carrots). I’m going to start some caladiums in pots and move them a little later. Oh, another good garden chore for Scorpio and a waning Moon ~ pruning!

Sun in Pisces / Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Pisces / Moon in Scorpio
March 3, 9:11pm ~ March 6, 2:36am 

  • Think it over, let it sit a spell
  • Release something you’ve been brooding over
  • Make a vow that will heighten your spiritual consciousness

Women in conversation deep sea dive, men snorkel. ~ Heather Hayward 

Deep Sea Diving 

Oh, these are watery days for sure. Intense, emotional. I can imagine if I were sitting with two of my best friends ~ one Scorpio, the other Pisces, myself a Moonchild ~ the tears would definitely be flowing before the evening got off to a good start. One of us would probably arrive in tears already, and we would definitely be deep sea diving soon. Lots of really great girl talk. 

Isn’t it fantastic that we can spend hours talking with our good friends, wind up emotionally exhausted and mentally wrenched, with mascara running down our faces, big ol’ red noses, a gazillion wadded up kleenexes, and end the evening by saying what a good time we had? And we really do that!  Those deep sea conversations are what bonded us ~ those first few shared secrets that whispered, “you’re safe, I can trust you, you’re a friend” that grew into great revelations about ourselves throughout the years. We were “blood sisters” from then on, sworn to protect each other, and always be there. 

There was a time when it was perfectly safe to cut our fingers, smear our blood together, and proclaim ourselves blood sisters. Well, those days are gone, but that used to be the ultimate commitment to your friend. I suppose we could still do that symbolically as long as we had the right shade of lipstick ~ deep, dark red. 

Create an opportunity to connect with your blood sisters and let long conversation rule the day. If the time just isn’t right, well…snorkel with a guy. 

At the Table and in the Garden 

Just as these are super lush days for emotional sharing, they are also among the top for gardening. Extremely fertile days. With the Moon on the wane (and if the weather allows), set out some spring bulbs or cool season herbs. If the weather doesn’t allow, you can always place some in a sunny window to enjoy. 

Lobster Bisque

All this deep sea diving puts me in the mood for a lush soup, always good on a cool night. We don’t get a lot of bisque where I am ~ only biscuits. But crab or lobster bisque sounds perfect for Pisces/Scorpio, and this recipe seems quick and easy to make. My favorite way to cook. It makes a lot so you might want to half the recipe. Round it out with a great roll. What else do you need ~ other than reservations at a restaurant with bisque on the menu? Oh…maybe your best Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer friends to share it with?

New Moon in Scorpio ~ Little Red Apple

We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us. ~ Francois Rabelois

EveThe turning point in humanity’s evolution according to Judeo-Christian belief is one bite from a little red apple. Oh what a tasty word “don’t” is.

What do you desire that is being denied you, and how can you bring it into your life?

That’s very fertile fodder for a Scorpio New Moon, especially with the current planetary configuration looming over us ~ that being Saturn squaring Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto. It’s a power play between God and the Serpent all over again. The trophy? One little bite, or the whole apple? Who will win?

Eve is one of my heroines. Some think she was a failure, duped, that her disobedience led us all down a path of destruction ~ that she was the patsy between a battle of good and evil, God and Satan. I think she is the epitome of desire fulfilled and, if you look deeply into the creation story, she is the reason all of us are here now reading about Scorpio. She was the original Hot Mama She-Devil, and I wish I had more of her in me. Not that I want to be led down an evil path because of temptation, but because she saw something she wanted and she grabbed it.

What do you desire? You probably don’t have to spend much time thinking about it. I don’t have to think twice about mine.

  • What’s the little red apple that is being denied you ~ and by whom ~ and how do you get a taste of it?
  • Is it something you used to have, but is lost to you now?
  • Is it something you’ve never had and always wanted?
  • Does it make you crazy in the wee dark hours and in brazen sunlight?
  • Does it roll around and around in your head overpowering other thoughts and affecting all other aspects of your life?
  • Will you disobey the commandment “Thou Shalt Not” in order to get it into your life?
  • How do you see your life changed by taking a big bite out of this juicy fruit?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Will therapy help?

Denial breeds obsession. Frustration gives birth to rage. This is when desire becomes dark, cloaked in Pluto’s nasty robe, and all you want to do is throw that rotting mantle off your shoulders and run naked back to the garden screaming at the powers that be, “Give me my paradise! ”

Apple pie ~ domesticated desire. Plucked, sugar added, sliced and baked to perfection. No star in the middle. No seeds ~ the possibility of new life gone. Yummy for a minute or two, but unsatisfactory in the long run. More, please…more. And then the echo of “Thou Shalt Not” and obsession starts to emerge again. How do we heal this?

Use this Scorpio New Moon to plant a seed for the thing you most desire. Use the dark nights to think about the changes it might bring to your life, how making that desire real can change who you are now and forever, and how you might respond to the new life on the other side of that desire.

Write your desire down on a small piece of paper and draw a box around it. Be very succinct. Don’t be vague. The New Moon in Scorpio offers the opportunity to gradually manifest your desire and you must be sure of what you want. Plant the seed, tend it carefully. With focused intention, and perhaps a little inspiration from Eve, you’ll get a taste of the fruit. You’ll carry it in your belly ~ a new life.

Eve by Gleb Kalashnikoff courtesy of Wikemedia Commons.