Readers Ask: Thinking Outside Saturn’s Rings ~ Wants to be Free

The Devil’s Finger is a two card reading using the tarot Devil and one card from The Victorian Flower Oracle based on the Victorian flower drawings of JJ Granville. There’s something very vulnerable about the lady flowers in the oracle deck (even those with thorns) when paired with Saturn (The Devil).

The Victorian era looks highly romanticized. Underneath the romance, however, is a very Saturnine mindset, for women more so than men. Wikipedia calls the period one of “social and sexual restraint.” We can see all these qualities in the Victorian Flower Oracle.

Three questions were chosen based on their relevancy to Saturn in Libra and the upcoming “think it over” retrograde period. I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a question. It was difficult to choose only three.

Reading 2:

What is the Devil’s Finger pointing at in your life? 

I currently have Saturn transiting my 11th house.  What do you see for possible employment for myself in the future?  I have always wanted to do astrology charts but lack courage.

Brief background on your issue:

i just recently quit a new job after quitting a job i had been at for the last two years, both within a month of each other.  i am currently looking to separate from my husband as well.  i have always felt “restricted” in my relationships with others and have always sought out “traditional” jobs.  I want a new future and a new more “authentic” life. i feel like i am trapped in my imagination and don’t believe i just quit my main source of income.  i just can’t take it anymore.  i want to be free.

Universal Devil scan0007

Astro Notes ~ I received birth data from this client, so was able to take a look at what was happening with Saturn and Uranus in the chart. Saturn and Uranus are polar opposites in the way they operate. When “free” is paired with “restricted and traditional,” we know these two planets are battling with each other. Transiting Saturn in Libra opposed an Aries Sun and conjuncted the natal Uranus in the Libran 11th house. Natal Neptune is on the Ascendant. Possible types of future employment are beyond the scope of this reading.

Cornflowers are more commonly known as Bachelor Buttons and showed that a bachelor was available for marriage. They represent delicacy and single blessedness in the Victorian Language of Flowers. Here the Cornflower is paired with the Poppy which represents fantastic extravagance. The card’s title, An Admirer, indicates someone who admires you, a supporter, or even self admiration (i.e., a healthy ego).

Courage is taking action in the midst of danger. It’s one of the fire signs’ most admirable qualities when used with calculated foresight (Saturn). Otherwise it’s just rash behavior, the fantastic extravagance of the Poppy. Examine the landscape and know when to enter the battle. When the situation is thoroughly assessed, go in with gusto and unmitigated belief in yourself. Wise commanders know the right time to enter a battle so that losses are significantly reduced. Patience (Saturn) can work to your advantage. Calculated (Saturn) moves can change a lose/lose situation into one that’s win/win. It’s not enough to win the battle when Uranus is at odds with Saturn. We have to win the war.

In our non-Victorian world, we know that the Poppy is the source of opium which is used to make heroin, a narcotic escape from reality. It’s not an escape at all, of course, since it usually ends in addiction which is the heaviest chain of all. Rather than being controlled by addiction to anything ~ drug, person, food, excitement, any type of behaviors ~ Saturn can be used to discipline ourselves to break the habit. We simply stop feeding the beast that is relentlessly demanding our full attention.

You say that you’ve never had the courage to do charts. Why not? List the reasons that are holding you back. Are they truly warranted? Focus on trusting your skills (Saturn) and intuitive abilities (Poppy).

If you’re uncertain about your skills as an astrologer, find a way to hone them. Take classes with an astrologer that you admire or through an organization with a good reputation (Saturn). Practice. Practice with your family and your friends. You don’t have to tell them what you see. Just observe how things play out and learn from experience. Run charts for celebrities and follow the news about them to self-grade (Saturn) your interpretations (Poppy). There’s no shortage of celebrity news.

Most importantly, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re not good enough before you start. This is one way that Saturn has of chaining us. We stop trying. Fear of failure is a fantastic extravagance of its own, but in a negative way. It’s the difference between a pipedream and working toward making a dream come true. Keeping pipedreams alive means we never really have to work on our goals. It’s an avoidance (Poppy) due to fear of failure (Saturn).

Become your biggest fan, another way to look at the self-recognition or “fantastic extravagance” of the Poppy. Admiring our self is one of the meanings of the Sun in our chart. Unless we’re delusional (Poppy), that’s a good thing.


Wow CJ thank you so much!  This was great.  I really do have a strong fear of failure & negative thinking left over from my childhood and rough marriage.  This is just the encouragement I need to pursue my goals in earnest.  I am taking a class in February & have a friend who is going to recommend me to her client in her Psychic work.

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