Readers Ask: Thinking Outside Saturn’s Rings ~ No More Status Quo

I recently asked readers to submit questions about Saturn in Libra and the upcoming “think it over” retrograde period I wrote about in this post. I think some of you will identify with these questions concerning Saturn Returns, the feelings of restriction that Saturn brings, and the Saturn/Neptune conjunction of the 50’s that has been activated by Saturn’s passage through Libra.

The Devil’s Finger is a two card reading using the tarot Devil and one card from The Victorian Flower Oracle based on the drawings of JJ Granville. There’s something very vulnerable about the lady flowers in the oracle deck (even those with thorns) when paired with Saturn (The Devil).

The Victorian era looks highly romanticized. Underneath the romance, however, is a very Saturnine mindset, imposed on women more so than men it seems. Wikipedia calls the period one of “social and sexual restraint.” That sounds like our old friend Saturn to me.

Reading 1: No More Status Quo

What is the Devil’s Finger pointing at in your life? 

No more status quo for running “Life”.  I feel change brewing.

Brief background on your issue:

Saturn retrograde in Libra, my fourth house containing a conjunction of Neptune and Saturn at 22 degrees of Libra. Is this officially my Saturn return?

15 Devil scan0005

Everyone who has Saturn in Libra natally has experienced a Saturn Return at some point since November 2009. The timing depends on the degree of Saturn in the chart. In your case, Saturn will retrograde back to 22 degrees in June of this year creating the third hit of your second Saturn return. You are primed to act on all the things you’ve been considering and/or worrying over for the last couple of years.

The Neptune/Saturn conjunction can be confusing and frustrating. Things can seem a bit chaotic and we may be a bit lost ~ or “at sea” ~ with this aspect. What would it be like to slip out from under the Devil’s chains ~ that feeling of being tied down ~ and finally break free? Is escape as alluring as the comfort level or status quo we’ve come to know so well? One is always scarier than the other and we have to decide which is the best option.

In the house of home and family, the environment may have been too strict, inhibited, or cold (Saturn) with dreams of a sensitive and loving home life setting the scene for disillusion (Neptune). Perhaps there is a “lost” family member or two who may have been the root of you taking on the role of the strong, solid one or there are still mysteries surrounding your family even if you have all the “facts.”

There’s a sense of lost virginity or lost innocence when pairing The Devil (Saturn) and the Lily (pure motives). We are being called to leave the oft-times fantasy ridden “maiden” stage and are required to function in the mother/partner role as a consort to a demanding, restrictive, and long-lived “spouse.” I’m reminded of arranged marriages of the Victorian era when young girls were paired with older gentlemen. Love was not the issue. A secure future was the golden ring that the guardians reached for on behalf of the young girl. By the way, lilies (a symbol of the Virgin Mary) were carried by brides in their wedding bouquets to represent their physical purity (virginity).

This “spouse” can be a strong bond of any kind ~ parent/child, work/career, a role played for many years, or an actual spouse. But in this environment, or perhaps because of it, there’s a longing to step outside Saturn’s rings in order to give birth to something that has only had life in your imagination. There’s a need to create something strange and untraditional. It feels odd, and may seem like a changeling to those who know you in your current role, but you are drawn to a beauty perhaps seen only by you.

The grey background in the Lily card is fading into the distance, dissipating into a memory. The Virgin has opted out of The Devil’s chains, coming out of the fog. At the Second Saturn Return, the maiden moves directly into the role of the Crone, no longer innocent, but wise now. She is no longer required to behave in an acceptable but restricted way. She is free to create her own home, independent of others’ “protection” and without fear of relying only on herself. She is free to offer her wisdom to others in her own voice. Her motives are pure, heart driven.


Dear CJ,

I agree wholeheartedly with this reading and at peace knowing the interpretation/validation is in print, as with the pairing of the devil card and the Lily card.  A memory blast as my mother had always said I was her “Victorian” child.  And now I will look forward to leaving this arranged marriage with assurance to my thoughts of following my “bliss”; and stepping outside Saturn’s rings to, as you put it well CJ, give birth to something only my “devil” can create, with a vision of freedom from the past;  step outside Saturn’s rings, (with a devilish smile) and  pure enthusiasm for the next chapter in my life, as a Crone, as myself, always.

Thank you for an intuitive and highly perceived reading. 

I am in awe.

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2 thoughts on “Readers Ask: Thinking Outside Saturn’s Rings ~ No More Status Quo

  1. Jules says:

    Dear CJ, Please can you say a few words about this Flower tarot deck since Ive never heard of it and it does sound intresting!
    And thank you for the good article. My saturn is 2 deg. Libra and so my second sat retrun has come and I would like to say gone but hey! I have Nep 17deg. Lib also so talk about an emotional ass kicking! All my ‘stuff’ is family stuff and your article helped me to understand myself better SO a great big thank you for that!
    Kudo’s to you! and Blessings too!

    • cj wright says:

      Thank you, Jules. I’m glad this has helped.

      About The Victorian Flower Oracle: This is a 40 card oracle deck by Karen Mahony (Baba Studio and The Magic Realist Press) which uses the flower illustrations of JJ Granville. The Amazon book description is: A gorgeous, evocative deck of forty oracle cards based on the flowerper-sonified illustrations of famed Victorian artist JJ Grandville, taken from an original 1847 handcolored copy of his Fleurs Animee. This beautiful deck draws on ageold beliefs about the special magic and symbolism of flowers. Every flower is exquisitely depicted as a woman, and each card is a small work of art.

      In the accompanying book 32-page booklet, there are keywords for each card and some tips on doing tarot-like spreads for readings.

      The Victorian Language of Flowers was a system that assigned meanings to flowers. I’ve loved the Language of Flowers for a long time and used these meanings in association with the oracle cards.

      The cards are 3×5 and made of lightweight stock. I would have preferred a stock that’s a bit heavier, but not stiff.

      The Victorian era drawings and photographs seem very “staid” or stiff. We don’t see a lot of emotion pouring through those photos, so they have a very Saturnine feel to them ~ very prim and proper.

      I’m going to be using this deck more and more with Saturn-related issues. There’s something very delicate behind the restrictive nature of the drawings and that’s something to remember with all Saturn issues.

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