Readers Ask: Thinking Outside Saturn’s Ring ~ Need Something Positive after a Hard Year

I recently asked readers to submit questions about Saturn in Libra and the upcoming “think it over” retrograde period I wrote about in this post. I think some of you will identify with these questions concerning Saturn Returns, the feelings of restriction that Saturn brings, and the Saturn/Neptune conjunction of the 50’s that has been activated by Saturn’s passage through Libra.

The Devil’s Finger is a two card reading using the tarot Devil and one card from The Victorian Flower Oracle based on the drawings of JJ Granville. There’s something very vulnerable about the lady flowers in the oracle deck (even those with thorns) when paired with Saturn (The Devil).

Reading 3:

What is the Devil’s Finger pointing at in your life? 

The Devil’s finger is pointing at my family. I’d like some insight on finding something positive after a very hard year.

Brief background on your issue:

Saturn is going over the 25 degree Neptune that my husband and I share. Natch we met In a bar, and at last we are both in Recovery….And next up! Saturn Return for both the spouse and I, 9 Scorpio, and our son who became a heroin addict post 9-11. So something is headed our way for sure. TMI but I am a firm believer in honesty!

Universal Devil scan0009

Victorian era poet, Horace Smith, wrote:

Your voiceless lips, O flowers, are living preachers;
Each cup a pulpit, and each leaf a book;
Supplying to my fancy numerous teachers,
In loneliest nook.

Sometimes the cards are almost too literal. The Grapevine (Intoxication) was the card randomly drawn to pair with Saturn (The Devil). Well, I’m not here to preach like Smith’s flowers, but to praise. Congratulations on being in recovery. It must be very rewarding to harness The Devil with his own chains. What greater success can there be than that?

Saturn (The Devil) and Neptune (The Grapevine) are not who we immediately think of as the perfect couple. Saturn is all tight and controlled and Neptune is hazy and chaotic. It reminds me of George and Martha in Edward Albee’s play, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? There’s s-o-o-o…m-u-c-h…pres-sure!…and so much that is carefully avoided. We convince ourselves that if we don’t talk about it, if we don’t look The Devil in the eye, he’ll just go away. Disappear. Instead, we find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a pressure cooker thinking that any minute the top is going to blow. And it often does.

But there’s another, more positive, side to this ill-matched pair that is redemptive to both when they work for each other instead of against. Within Saturn’s rings, Neptune can channel itself. Order is brought to chaos. Holding Neptune within his rings, Saturn is able to understand the insurmountable beauty, the ecstasy that only Neptune can bring. It’s Michelangelo, Raphael, da Vinci ~ his own personal Renaissance. What he has not been able to grasp alone, he can now join hands with Spirit to rein in. This is not reckless abandon on his part, though. It’s oneness, art.

When we imagine what life might be like outside Saturn’s rings, many of us imagine liberation. Liberation can morph into something else, though, leaving us with a sense of floating untethered in a vast nothingness. Saturn is capable of throwing out a lifeline to reel us back in ~ secured, no longer adrift. He trains the Vine, reaping a greater harvest, profiting from his disciplined attention. He gains respect and a knowing nod from others who have prevailed over harsh conditions. He’s the example that others look to while seeking their own success.

You know that the road which lies ahead is not an easy one. You’re the traveler on this road and you know how difficult the journey is. When feelings of despair (Saturn) set in or you feel alone and find the urge to go deeper into that deceitful (Neptune) solitude (Saturn), don’t let go of the lifeline.

I’ve seen some unusual results with Saturn coming home for the Neptune in Libra generation ~ their dreams are coming true. Perhaps it’s a gift that comes with age and experience. Maybe it’s that reality doesn’t seem quite as limiting as it used to. They are finding themselves on the brink of a future that simultaneously scares and inspires. But they are being rewarded for their disciplined attention to hard, tedious work and many now have good reason to celebrate their victories. They don’t necessarily understand why, but they woke up as laborers and went to bed as champions. Little victories, big wins.

When Saturn leaves Libra, he enters the deep, murky waters of Scorpio. He has the wherewithal to reconcile buried feelings with reality as it is today, creating a new world in which the Vine can grow hardy and fruitful.


Wow! Nail on head. If there is one phrase that I say to my older son regularly, it is Do Your Saturn work!  These cards really are spot on!

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