Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide through the Dark

Today I’d like to tell you about Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide through the Dark, a new book by Mandi Lockley. It will do wonders to keep you on track during Saturn’s 2½ year transit through Scorpio.

You may recall that Mandi coordinated the series of Saturn articles in the 2010 Blogathon. We learn from her biography that she has an 8th house Capricorn Sun, and is therefore extremely well acquainted with Saturn and the Scorpion’s territory. From her keen understanding and life-long training in this arena, she offers up a treasure-trove of astrological wisdom.

We are first introduced to Saturn and then to Scorpio in the opening pages before Mandi masterfully weaves the Saturnian tapestry that hangs before us for the next few years.

On Saturn ~

“All physical barriers come under Saturn’s rulership including our skin, which is the literal limit of the physical body and the barrier between the self and the not-self. Fences, walls, locked doors and ‘keep out’ signs designed to deter the unauthorised and defend whatever is within, also come under Saturn’s symbolism. By extending this psychologically, we can see how Saturn has come to represent the limits of our ego consciousness, our self-imposed limitations, where we draw our emotional boundaries, where we hit psychological barriers and where we become defensive.”

On Scorpio ~

“A scorpion’s sting is one of nature’s great survival mechanisms. Not only does it allow the scorpion to immobilise its pray, it also provides the perfect defence against predators. The scorpion, like all of nature’s best survivors, won’t deploy its poisonous sting unless entirely necessary. To attack indiscriminately is a waste of its precious resources.”

Mandi takes us deep into our charts by exploring Saturn in Scorpio through the houses. This section of the book goes into great detail and differs from the usual cookbook interpretations of Saturn in Scorpio and Saturn in the houses. This is Saturn in Scorpio in the houses! You won’t get that in a cookbook. She also details aspects to all natal planets and includes an extended section on Saturn to Saturn transits and Saturn Returns.

Get this book! It will be a go to reference that you’ll return to again and again. And, it’s modestly priced at only $5.99 for the Kindle edition, which is alluring to the Saturn in all of us.

You can read the introductions and more on the extended Amazon preview. The book is available for the Kindle or as a pdf directly from Mandi on her website, Astroair Astrology.

About Mandi

Fascinated by astrology most of her life, Mandi cast her first horoscope back in 1985. Latterly, she studied at The London School of Astrology for over three years and gained the school’s Certificate in 2005. She also studied under Noel Tyl between 2008 and 2010.

Committed to self development – emotionally, spiritually and intellectually – Mandi believes in doing her best to live her life true to herself and her life purpose, in service to others and in harmony with the cycles of the universe. These values are also the focus of her work with her clients.

Readers Ask ~ Thinking Outside Saturn’s Rings

Natural color view of Saturn, composed from a ...

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I recently asked readers to submit questions about Saturn in Libra and the upcoming “think it over” retrograde period I wrote about in this post. I think some of you will identify with these questions concerning Saturn Returns, the feelings of restriction that Saturn brings, and the Saturn/Neptune conjunction of the 50’s that has been activated by Saturn’s passage through Libra.

The Devil’s Finger is a two card reading using the tarot Devil and one card from The Victorian Flower Oracle based on the drawings of JJ Granville. There’s something very vulnerable about the lady flowers in the oracle deck (even those with thorns) when paired with Saturn (The Devil).

Reading 1: No More Status Quo

What is the Devil’s Finger pointing at in your life? 

No more status quo for running “Life”.  I feel change brewing.

Brief background on your issue:

Saturn retrograde in Libra, my fourth house containing a conjunction of Neptune and Saturn at 22 degrees of Libra. Is this officially my Saturn return?

15 Devil scan0005

Everyone who has Saturn in Libra natally has experienced a Saturn Return at some point since November 2009. The timing depends on the degree of Saturn in the chart. In your case, Saturn will retrograde back to 22 degrees in June of this year creating the third hit of your second Saturn return. You are primed to act on all the things you’ve been considering and/or worrying over for the last couple of years.                       Read more…

Reading 2: Wants to be Free

What is the Devil’s Finger pointing at in your life? 

I currently have Saturn transiting my 11th house.  What do you see for possible employment for myself in the future?  I have always wanted to do astrology charts but lack courage.

Brief background on your issue:

i just recently quit a new job after quitting a job i had been at for the last two years, both within a month of each other.  i am currently looking to separate from my husband as well.  i have always felt “restricted” in my relationships with others and have always sought out “traditional” jobs.  I want a new future and a new more “authentic” life. i feel like i am trapped in my imagination and don’t believe i just quit my main source of income.  i just can’t take it anymore.  i want to be free.

Universal Devil scan0007

Astro Notes ~ I received birth data from this client, so was able to take a look at what was happening with Saturn and Uranus in the chart. Saturn and Uranus are polar opposites in the way they operate. When “free” is paired with “restricted and traditional,” we know these two planets are battling with each other. Transiting Saturn in Libra opposed an Aries Sun and conjuncted the natal Uranus in the Libran 11th house. Natal Neptune is on the Ascendant. Possible types of future employment are beyond the scope of this reading.

Cornflowers are more commonly known as Bachelor Buttons and showed that a bachelor was available for marriage. They represent delicacy and single blessedness in the Victorian Language of Flowers. Here the Cornflower is paired with the Poppy which represents fantastic extravagance. The card’s title, An Admirer, indicates someone who admires you, a supporter, or even self admiration (i.e., a healthy ego).

I’m sure there are plenty of people who would gasp at quitting a job (especially two of them) and leaving a marriage in this uncertain economy, but that’s exactly the kind of things we do when Uranus is pushing us. Saturn’s rings feel overwhelmingly oppressive. The chains around the necks of the two people in The Devil card have them in a strangle-hold. Even though the chains appear loose enough, they can’t breathe. Delicacy (or gentleness) can help to relax and open up those airways.                      Read more…

Reading 3: Need Something Positive after a Hard Year

What is the Devil’s Finger pointing at in your life? 

The Devil’s finger is pointing at my family. I’d like some insight on finding something positive after a very hard year.

Brief background on your issue:

Saturn is going over the 25 degree Neptune that my husband and I share. Natch we met In a bar, and at last we are both in Recovery….And next up! Saturn Return for both the spouse and I, 9 Scorpio, and our son who became a heroin addict post 9-11. So something is headed our way for sure. TMI but I am a firm believer in honesty!

Universal Devil scan0009

Victorian era poet, Horace Smith, wrote:

Your voiceless lips, O flowers, are living preachers;
Each cup a pulpit, and each leaf a book;
Supplying to my fancy numerous teachers,
In loneliest nook.

Sometimes the cards are almost too literal. The Grapevine (Intoxication) was the card randomly drawn to pair with Saturn (The Devil). Well, I’m not here to preach like Smith’s flowers, but to praise. Congratulations on being in recovery. It must be very rewarding to harness The Devil with his own chains. What greater success can there be than that?

Saturn (The Devil) and Neptune (The Grapevine) are not who we immediately think of as the perfect couple. Saturn is all tight and controlled and Neptune is hazy and chaotic. It reminds me of George and Martha in Edward Albee’s play, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? There’s s-o-o-o…m-u-c-h…pres-sure!…and so much that is carefully avoided. We convince ourselves that if we don’t talk about it, if we don’t look The Devil in the eye, he’ll just go away. Disappear. Instead, we find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a pressure cooker thinking that any minute the top is going to blow. And it often does.

But there’s another, more positive, side to this ill-matched pair that is redemptive to both when they work for each other instead of against.                     Read more…

Saturn ~ Thinking Outside the Rings

300px-Saturn_with_auroras[1]Our good friend Saturn will soon be turning retrograde at 29° Libra and back peddling through the sign of balanced effort from February 8th through June 25th. He’ll trace his steps back to 22.46° Libra before turning direct again.

A few months of “think it over” are looming large.

Saturn represents structure and limitation. We can think of Saturn’s rings as the boundaries he uses to protect us. They are fences built not to keep us in, but to keep the seemingly dangerous and harmful out. The closer those rings are to the planet, the smaller our world becomes. In order to broaden our view and our ability to perform, we need to think outside the rings. The retrograde period is a very good time to do just that.

What do you stand to gain by moving your fences out a bit? Will unnecessary inhibitions allow you more freedom if you think beyond the rings? If you have difficulties with boundaries that are too loose, how might you benefit by moving the rings in?

What you are being asked to think over is dependent upon the house of your chart that Saturn is now transiting. Briefly,

Continue reading

Congratulations, Margo Martindale, on Your Emmy!

My favorite quote from last night’s Emmy Awards came from Margo Martindale as she accepted the award for Best Supporting Actress:

Sometimes things just take time…but with time comes great appreciation.

Tr. Saturn (time) is conjunct natal Neptune (dreams) in her chart and Tr. Neptune is inconjunct her natal Saturn. The Sun conjoined her Saturn yesterday. Such gorgeous symbolism, the kind you can hang a star on.

Margo Martindale has always been bigger than life ~ the kind of person you feel lucky to know. If you rubbed the genie lamp and wished for someone who could change your life, Margo would appear.

1980 Manhattan

I first met Margo at Lon Morris Jr. College in Jacksonville, Texas, where we were theatre majors. Margo was the unchallenged and absolutely mesmerizing queen of the drama department. She came with a piercing, quick wisdom and the most contagious laugh you could ever hope to catch. And you got to hear that laugh a lot. Wherever Margo was, we wanted to be. We were sure to have a good time and, if we caught her in rehearsal or performing, we were going to learn something about the art. If we got to spend some time with her in intimate conversation, we were going to learn something about life.

We were roomies for a while in New York City on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We were on the phone one day after I had moved back to Texas when she said, “I need a roommate. Come back to New York.” I did. Ten days later, she introduced me to my husband. (There’s that genie lamp in action.)

I count myself among the many, many, many friends and fans who have been pulling for you through the years, Margo. You’re so right, sometimes it does take time.

Saturn tells us to hang in there and Neptune asks us not to give up on our dreams. If we give up, we encounter the dark face of deep disappointment that both Saturn and Neptune can present.

Be who you were born to be. Have faith. Work hard. Don’t quit. Believe.

“Sometimes things just take time.”



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How Does Saturn Scare You?

Saturn can symbolize what we fear, not in the otherworldly spooky way that Pluto does. Saturn can tell us where we feel inadequate, where we haven’t received the training we need to feel at ease in the world, areas where we’re deficient somehow, even where opportunity escapes us.

Thinking about Saturn in Libra might bring up fears about your relationships. Sure, Saturn as the Old Man can indicate spending a long time with something, but that might be frightening in itself. What if we don’t want to spend a long time with something?! What if we want to get out fast [que scary music…dum, dum, dum…] and we can’t? That’s really scary.

From Photobucket

Transiting Saturn passing through a house can feel absolutely endless. This current transit certainly feels that way to me. Does it to you?

Saturn’s passing through my 8th now ~ other people’s money. Oh, boy! The 8th is sex, loans, and our good friend, Uncle Sam. Being a member of a self-employed household means extra caution when dealing with taxes. Diligence. Get those quarterly payments in on time or suffer the consequences. BIG consequences. Does this frighten me? You bet. Am I working to overcome this fear? Yes. How? Pay the taxes now instead of letting them pile up till the end of the year and get hit with a big bill. It makes me feel a lot like that guy up there.

What does Saturn have you shaking in your boots about?