The Daily Moon ~ February 5, 2016 ~ The Gate of Heaven

Our Lady has returned to Capricorn. A month ago, she was new in this sign. Today, she is the Old Moon, the queen mother awaiting the passage of her sovereignty to her reinvented self.  This is the end of her journey, the balsamic phase, the dream time. To ease her transition, she is fortunate to  find herself in a lovely sextile with Neptune in Pisces, the master dreamer.

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The Daily Moon: February 4, 2016 ~ A Second Cup

Early this morning the Sagittarius Moon squared her ruler, Jupiter, before entering her void period. Ever had one of those days when you just can’t muster the drive to get to work, or class, or the neighborhood watch meeting? You dragged yourself out of bed, read a morning inspirational message, and you’ve just finished your first cup of coffee. You’ve piddled around and now you’ve only got 5 minutes to hit the shower before your whole plan for the morning goes down the tube. So you have another cup of coffee. Continue reading


The Daily Moon: February 2, 2016 ~ Thelma and Louise

After an early morning void, the Moon moves into Sagittarius (10:50 am ET) creating a very optimistic pairing with the Aquarius Sun. Both signs are focused somewhere else—Aquarius in the future and Sagittarius somewhere just beyond the nearest barricade. It’s a day that dreams of the kind of freedom felt when you take off on a spontaneous adventure with a good friend, a kind of Thelma and Louise day. Continue reading