March 2014 Moon Phases and Free Lunar Calendar

You may recall the Black Moon, or second New Moon, of January. March brings us another of these unusual occurrences with two New Moons on March 1st and 30th. The New Moon of the 30th is the Black Moon.

March 2014 Moon PhasesNew Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces on March 1st sets the pace through the 29th. Pisces is a mutable sign, lending its element to the Quarter and Full Moons:

1st Quarter ~ March 8 ~ Gemini
Full Moon ~ March16 ~ Virgo
4th Quarter ~ March 23 ~ Sagittarius

The mutable influence reminds us to stay flexible, keep an open mind, and weigh both sides of an issue before charging ahead or digging in our heels.


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Spring Equinox March 20th

The Spring Equinox arrives right on schedule ;) on March 20th with the Sun’s ingress into Aries at 12:58pm (EST). We have a Scorpio Moon on the day of the Equinox, so let’s consider Mars the hands down winner in the man of the year category. He rules both the Sun and the Moon at the Equinox. He’s in retrograde motion in Libra at the time of the ingress. What’s he up to, I wonder? Diane Lang at Libra Seeking Balance has some good insights to share. Tough Times for Retrograde Mars in Libra

Full Moon in Virgo

A sextile to Saturn in Scorpio may take a little pressure off the Pisces/Virgo opposition. Virgo is friendly toward Capricorn, Saturn’s protegee, and Scorpio is a member of Pisces’s water family. I’m holding good thoughts for this one.

The New (Black Moon) in Aries

The New Moon in Aries on the 30th is the first New Moon of the celestial year and our second Black Moon of 2014. I like to think of Black Moons as wishing Moons, the kind where you sit out in the dark staring up and make childlike wishes on the stars that are never brighter than on a crisp, cold New Moon night. We still set intentions, of course, but this type of wishing is more in line with the blow out your birthday cake wishes. Real Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish wishes.

Starting with the New Moon in Aries, Daniel Lally of Astrological Tai Chi, will be sharing some movements to be used in conjunction with the New Moon. I really think you’ll enjoy these and know they will add a wonderful new element to your New Moon rituals. Be sure to look for Daniel’s special guest post at each New Moon. There’s really nothing else like astrological tai chi available from anyone else.

TTOTZ web front cover small imageA while back, I wrote a review of Daniel’s book Temple of the Zodiac which he co-authored with Jeff Baugher. It’s in a class by itself and comes highly recommended. You can read the first 94 pages of the book by following this link. This generous excerpt from the book will allow you to begin practicing what you learn through living, breathing movements.

(Get a peek at the movement for Pisces here.)

What Else is Happening in March?

Mars stations retrograde in Libra on March 1st and Saturn stations retrograde on the 2nd in Scorpio. (Will Saturn ever leave Scorpio?)

Venus enters Aquarius on the 5th. I can’t help but think of “We Got a Groovy Kind of Love” with Venus in Aquarius, but that makes me sound about a gazillion years old. I swear I’m only in my early hundreds. Oh, the joys of immortality!

Mercury, currently in Aquarius, reenters Pisces on the 17th after this recent retrograde period. Is that poetry on your lips?

Jupiter turns direct on the 6th, to complete his transit of Cancer. I learned some very important information about my ancestors during this transit. Use what’s left of Jupiter in Cancer to tap into your roots and learn something about yourself.

About Daniel Lally

PictureDaniel Lally is a graduate of the Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy program and the University of Notre Dame and is also certified in yoga and acupressure. After a decade of tai chi practice, in 1999 Daniel began to create the Astrological Tai Chi™ movements and their possibilities for partner movement and integration with spirituality. Along with Jeff Baugher, he is the co-author of the Astrolgical Tai Chi™ DVD and their book about the movements, The Temple of the Zodiac. Daniel teaches classes, workshops and instructor certifications, and movement combined with yoga and mindfulness as a form of wellness and as a way to support and deepen your own particular form of spirituality. Visit Daniel’s website.

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