February 2012 Moon Phases


Northern Hemisphere

The Sun starts the month of February in the sign of Aquarius, and then moves into Pisces on February 19 at 1:18am (EST).

The Moon is waxing (growing in light) until the Full Moon on February 7th and then wanes (decreases in light) until the New Moon on February 21st. At that time, it begins to wax again. Need to know more about waxing and waning? Click here.

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Southern Hemisphere


Full Moon in Leo
The Full Snow Moon
February 7

New Moon in Pisces
February 21


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February Skywatch – A Month of Planets – By Dennis Herrmann has excellent skywatching news:

Our planets put on good shows for skywatchers in February with really breathtaking views of the two brightest, Venus and Jupiter, taking front stage.  After sunset on February 25th, the crescent Moon and Venus will appear only 3 degrees apart above the western horizon; the Moon just above Venus.  Meanwhile, Jupiter will be seen nearby, too — about 10 degrees above and left of the Venus/Moon pair.  After the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are the brightest objects seen in our sky.  And all three will appear in nearly the same location!

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