Moon Phases for June 2011

Lunar Events in June
  • New Moon in Gemini on June 1st with a Solar Eclipse; Moon begins to wax
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ Full Stawberry Moon ~ June 15; Moon begins to wane

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The month of June starts with a New Moon on the 1st at 5:16pm EDT. This special added attraction for this New Moon is that it is also a Solar Eclipse. An added attraction to that is that it is a “rare eclipse of the midnight sun,” as reported in this story from Dr. Tony Phillips of Space Daily.

The Moon begins its waxing phase with the New Moon and continues to grow in brightness until the Full Moon of June 15th, at which time it will start to wane until the next New Moon on July 1st.

Sandra and David Mosley at Zodiacarts provide a free monthly moon sign calendar which lists the Void-of-Course moon and special “handshake days.”

New Moon in Gemini ~ Add to Dictionary

If you’ve ever run a spell-check program, you know that when an unrecognized word is found, you are given several options. Ignore and Add to Dictionaryare a couple of the options, along with some guesses at words you may have meant to use instead of the word you typed. Oftentimes the suggestions are correct. We’ve made an error. But we’ve all gotten some bizarre, ridiculous, or absolutely hysterical suggestions for words that are nowhere near what we intended. That’s Gemini ~ searching for options, ignoring some, connecting with others, making mistakes, and frequently getting it right.

We ignore a vast portion of the deluge of information that comes our way. It’s not pertinent. It didn’t have any meaning for our particular purposes. It was irrelevant. Filtering out the unnecessary is a small part of Gemini’s task. The larger task is collecting the information, connecting the dots, and passing it on. Gemini shares what it has learned.

Other forces of the zodiac complete the task that Gemini begins. read more…

Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June 15th, 2:39am EDT

The Galatic Center, Sagittarius A

At the very center of the Milky Way is the strongest gravitational pull in the galaxy. Known as Sagittarius A, this area is “the galactic center.” It is a game of twists and turns, a never-ending pull that, miraculously, allows us to maintain our balance instead of spinning out of control. Just as a dancer spots a point in the distance that allows her to gain momentum, that kind of focus is what is required of you from The Archer. She knows her mark and always hits her target.

From Gemini, we learn that we have to think. Sagittarius asks a very simple question, “About what?” The Archer’s quest is to seek out that “what” ~ searching for it in a myriad of forms, until she comes to recognize and understand it. She then learns, through trial and error, how to hold fast to it.

A Full Moon always asks us to know what we want and to bring our desires into balance so we can attain it. Through the cycle of Moons, we are shown the many costumes worn by the illusionists who would steal our hearts and the many truths that keep us on our course.

At the very center of your natal chart is a big empty circle. If you’ve ever wondered where the real you is in your chart, that’s it. It’s up to you to fill the circle with all the elements available from around the wheel. Everything you need is there. The center ~ that’s your mark, what you’re aiming for. The rest is a matter of creativity. A Full Moon asks that you find your balance and set your sight. Your target ~ the creation and manifestation of the real you ~ is within range.