Moon Phases for May 2011

Lunar Events in May
  • Moon is waning through May 2nd
  • New Moon in Taurus ~ May 2nd or 3rd, depending on time zone; Moon begins to wax
  • First Quarter Moon ~ May 10 ~  Leo
  • Full Moon in Scorpio ~ The Full Flower Moon ~ May 17; Moon begins to wane
  • Last Quarter Moon ~ May 24 ~ Pisces
May 2011

The New Moon is at 2:51am EDT on May 3rd and on May 2nd at 11:51pm Pacific Time. From the New Moon forward the Moon is waxing, growing toward a Full Moon on the 17th. After the Full Moon, the moon is in its waning phase through the end of the month.

Keith Cooley has an excellent page on Moon phases here. There’s a nice animation of the phases as they appear in the northern hemisphere.

For daily moon signs, be sure to visit Sandra and David Mosley at Zodiacarts for their May calendar which lists the Void-of-Course moon and special “handshake days.”

New Moon in Taurus ~ May 2nd or 3rd ~ Legacy

Taurus is the most bountiful sign in the zodiac. She is the burgeoning of life and promise of nature’s treasures yet to come. The most basic way to give back to Mother Earth is to plant something that will endure and sustain life. A tree or a shrub that will provide berries or fruit for birds, squirrels, and bats is an excellent choice. These creatures are natural planters spreading the “good news” of tomorrow’s flora. Flowers that provide nectar and pollen for butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds give us much more than their beauty. Native plantings assure the next generation has what it needs to flourish. What we leave behind is our legacy. Let’s do everything we can to leave a good Earth for those who come after us.

If you plan to celebrate the New Moon by engaging in a project specific to Taurus, take a look at 12 Things to Do When the Sun Transits Taurus. If you’re worried about money (and who isn’t in this economy?), Simone Butler explains how we can increase our wealth using feng shui in her Grow Your Abundance ritual for the Taurus New Moon. She reminds us not to wait until May 3rd for this ritual because the Moon is void all day. Monday is also the day sacred to the Moon, so let’s hope that extra bit of “magic” on May 2nd will work to our advantage.

Full Flower Moon (Photobucket)

Full Moon in Scorpio ~ May 17th ~ Full Flower Moon

The Full Moon of May is known as the Full Flower Moon, the Milk Moon, the Planting Moon, the Bright Moon, and the Grass Moon. Each of these names expresses the fullness that Taurus brings to us.

Taurus’ counterpart, Scorpio, reminds us that all blossoms will eventually fade as part of life’s natural cycle. Within those faded flowers, however, are tomorrow’s buds. The Taurus/Scorpio polarity teaches us to take only what we need for now and store some away for later.

We can see the give and take of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity in the two tai chi moves that Daniel Lally and Jeff Baugher demonstrate in this video. I really love the moves that Jeff and Daniel make available each month. It’s such a nice way to feel the zodiac signs in our bodies. With Taurus, we need to remember to take only what we need. With Scorpio, the lesson is that letting go can be the same as giving back.

Astrological Tai Chi ~ Taurus/Scorpio Polarity


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