Sun in Gemini / Moon in Leo

 Sun in Gemini / Moon in Leo
June 14, 11:54pm ~ June 17, 1:41am
Signs are Sextile
Venus enters Leo, 4:50am, June 14 

  • Shop for or purchase amber
  • Read the book, then watch the movie
  • Learn a card trick  ~ improves dexterity and entertains

The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.
~ Germaine Greer

That quote may make some folks quake in their boots! Spontaneity is not their forte. How do you feel about surprises ~ surprise parties or last-minute changes of plans? Do you prefer everything planned or do you relish the occasional dip into spontaneity? Leo is a fixed sign, but relishes the limelight so a surprise might be right up their alley. Gemini loves variety, so a surprise is probably just one more way to mix it up and have some fun ~ but never at the Lion’s expense! 

Venus Enters Leo 

Amore! Venus entering your 5th house will rock that house. Not that you’ll suddenly be prone to a gargantuan affair of the heart, but it’s certainly likely to kick it up a notch in matters of love. Only a few of us have Leo on our 5th house, but wherever Leo is in your chart ~ look to find a little love in your heart for the matters of that house. Seventh house Leos ~ be a lover, not a fighter ~ strengthen those vows whether they’re on paper or not.  Check out Tony Vowles’ description of Venus in Leo on The Astrology Blog.


Amber Pendants

Judy Hall, author of The Illustrated Guide to Crystals, says that amber will help relieve a tension headache. You might like to try this if Uranus in Aries seems to have triggered an increase of headaches. Raise your hand if that sounds familiar. I’m raising mine, having survived a very painful Saturday ~ the last attack in a rash of recent headaches. If you know all too well what those are like, you’ll try anything to be rid of one. I’m placing my one small piece of amber nearby so it’s within easy reach if there’s another flare-up. 

Amber is not really a crystal, though it’s sometimes treated as one. It’s petrified sap from conifers and often contains insects or other little bits and pieces of lives lived long, long ago. Assigned to the Sun, Leo, and Uranus, amber is frequently used in jewelry ~ another little something Leo knows a thing or two about. I’ve long coveted owning a pair of amber earrings. Now wouldn’t that make a nice surprise?! (Are you reading, Dear?) 

Read the Book, Then Watch the Movie 

Have you ever finished a book just in the nick of time to rent the flick or catch it on tv? Movies are never the same, right? All that imagination that you had while reading is in blatant pictures up there on the screen. The actors don’t quite meet your standards, or the screenwriters leave out a scene you couldn’t wait to see. Maybe your favorite scene is cut altogether, or a speech you couldn’t wait to hear is cut to shreds. Sometimes, though, movies exceed the book. Sometimes being the key word there. 

An even better activity for Gemini/Leo is to read a script, then catch the play. I suspect many of you have some background in the performing arts. If not, there’s a huge likelihood that you’ve been to the theatre fairly often. Scripts are great to read because they’re all dialogue ~ with a few notes thrown in. You get to imagine the characters fully ~ then, seeing them come alive, living and breathing right in front of you ~ what an experience! 

Frederico Garcia Lorca was a Spanish playwright with Sun in Gemini in tight conjunction to Pluto (only 6 minutes of separation). He is probably best known for his last play, The House of Bernarda Alba, a play about Bernarda Alba and her daughters who are in an extended period (8 years!) of mourning for Bernarda’s husband. Lorca, btw, was a lover of Salvador Dali, disappeared at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and was never found. You can see his chart and bio at astrodatabank. He had no planets in Leo, but Leo ruled his 6th house of work. 

Learn a Card Trick 

Now this is a fantastic example of Gemini at work! It requires intricate knowledge of how to do a trick and excellent manual dexterity. It’s also very entertaining and can be lots of fun to play on kids. They love card tricks

Speaking of Cards… 

The tarot cards assigned to the current decan of Gemini are The Lovers and the 10 of Swords. This is the Aquarian decan which ranges from 20-29.59° Gemini, and is subruled by Aquarius. If you were born during this period (roughly June 11-20), your Sun is flavored with that Uranian energy. Have you wondered why you might be considered just a tad less “normal” than your Gemini pals or why you have that streak of genius running through your veins? Now you know. 

If you have any planets located 20-29.59° Gemini, they will have a Uranian flair, as well. 

I prefer plain pip cards over pictured cards to use with astrological readings. The pictures can influence negatively ~ especially the Swords cards which always seem to carry negative meanings upon first glance. 

This pip card is from the Truth Seekers Tarot, which I’ve found to be quite nice to use for astrological readings. If you learn the decans associated with each of the pip cards, you might find that they can help with timing ~ though I don’t use them for timing, personally. 

Think of The Lovers as Choice ~ Choice with a capital C, not which flavor of ice cream to have. The 10 of Swords is completing a cycle ~ one phase ends, another begins. It’s time to put your mind to something new or start a new phase of the same project since you’ve completed your current cycle.  In keeping with the Uranian affects on the card, Gemini’s ruler Mercury is endowed with new insights and intuition. 

In the Garden… 

Just throw stuff out and get rid of pesty creatures ~ IF you can stand the looming heat. Since flowers are represented by the air signs in the gardens, take a few cuttings and bring them indoors. It’s best to cut early in the morning before the heat of the day gets to them. 

…and at the Table 

Sociable, fun, entertaining, Venus in Leo ~ that sounds like a great combo whether at home or out to a restaurant. If you’re cooking at home, enjoy something light and lemony (Gemini and Mercury love lemons) and make it a great presentation. Leo will love you for being just a tad on the ostentatious side. 

Universal-Waite deck published by U.S. Games. The Truth Seeker’s Tarot published by Duncan Baird Publishers.

5 thoughts on “Sun in Gemini / Moon in Leo

  1. Parin Stormlaughter says:

    Learning a card trick – what a GREAT IDEA.

    Manual dexterity…my mother decided just to finish off the crochet project she’s been working on because triple-quadruple stitches (I believe that’s what she said they were!) over and over and over were just more boring than she wanted to keep doing. She’s a Gemini Asc, Mercury conj Desc in 7th. I need to do a photo album of her crochet for my Deviant Art page. She once did a magnificent fillet crochet of the entire Last Supper by Da Vinci that her old church now uses as a cloth for the Communion Table. Her fillet crochet of The Lord’s Prayer is on the pulpit. She’s got doilies to match every shade of African violet here in the house. She and her eldest sister did a quilt where my aunt embroidered a cross-stitch pattern on the squares and my mother put them together and quilted it. She adjusted the pattern for my prom dress to cut the flounce on the selvage so she wouldn’t have to hand-sew a blind hem on the entire 12 feet of the lower edge. The woman is Mrs. Manual Dexterity.

    She’s also got the health problems of Mercury so close to 6th House (1o conj Desc in 7th). She had tuberculosis when she and my father got married and now has COPD. And long arms! They reach nearly to her knees. She walks with her arms bent to disguise it.

    She’s a piece of work with her Gemini-Sagittarius Asc/Desc, Aquarius-Virgo MC/IC, Moon-Pluto-Mercury yod with Mercury on the point conj Desc, and a Cardinal Grand Cross.

    God love her, and I know I do, but I may be the only one! B)


    • cjwright says:

      Your Mom sounds great, Parin. Those long arms ~ better to reach that yarn on the top shelf. :) I loved the whole picture you painted of her ~ and what visuals you supplied! Thanks so much for telling us about her.


  2. Sandra Mosley says:

    Aloha cj,

    Great post. Loved the variety of information – so Gemini.

    In response to your comment about the pictures on pip cards, check out the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert, to be released by Llwellyn next year. This link will take you to a picture of her painting of the 10 of Air:

    Sorry to learn of your headaches. Ouch! Sending healing energy your way, along with lots of appreciation for your work.


    • cjwright says:

      That’s absolutely stunning. Very beautiful. I like the series of 10’s very much. The Aces are also very nice and that 4 of Air is just super.

      Thank you for the healing energy ~ it is gratefully accepted and appreciated.


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