Sun in Aries / Moon in Pisces

Sun in Aries / Moon in Pisces
April 9, 9:48pm ~ April 12, 9:30am   

  • Use a pumice stone on your heels
  • Create a fictitious name for yourself that describes the hidden you
  • Grow a plant in water

Once men are caught up in an event they cease to be afraid. Only the unknown frightens men. ~ St. Exupery   

What’s Your Real Name?   

What's in a name? Everything!

One of the zodiactivities for this time period is to create a fictitious name for yourself, one that describes the hidden you. The fictious name you create just might be your real name ~ not the name you were born with or the name you married into, but your real name. If you’re a numerologist as well as an astrologer, you probably already realize just how important your name is. Your name is your opening act, a huge part of your Ascendant. If you like your name, it probably flows nicely with your Ascendant. If it’s discordant to your own ears, you’ve got a bit of a problem. After all, we hear our name constantly ~ how awful not to like it.  

Our name is similar to our Ascendant, which can change with long transits or progressions. It’s forever colored by what we’ve been through and in the ways we’ve grown or ~ in some cases ~ not met the challenges we’ve faced. Why should a name be any different? Are you having a Saturn transit to your Ascendant and losing weight? If a Jupiter transit follows, does the weight come back quickly? When Venus transits the first, do you find yourself looking prettier, handsomer ~ more attractive to others? Did you do anything different, or did it just happen? The positive feedback of a Venus transit may have inspired you to do a little more to emphasize the positive results of the attention you got.   

Enhancing your name is a similar process. You’ve probably known someone who changed their name and changed their image at the same time. I knew someone as “Kathy” for years who in her late 20’s made the decision to be “Katherine.” She changed immensely along with her name. Perhaps it was that the real Katherine had been hidden and when she stepped forward, she was much stronger than any of us had imagined. The ditzy Kathy who was rarely taken seriously became Katherine and presented a more mature, sophisticated image. She just didn’t seem as ditzy anymore. Did this happen because she changed her name? Maybe, maybe not (although numerologists could find some clues as to why it did). “Katherine” was always there. Once she was acknowledged and given credibility, she was able to fully emerge and grow strong.   

This isn’t some kind of multiple personality disorder. We all have sides of ourselves that we dislike and other sides that we like very much. Don’t like your hair color? Change it. Don’t like your name. Change it, too. Sometimes a nickname will suffice, but at other times a more extensive name change is necessary. What’s your “formal” name ~ the one you use to sign your checks or contracts? Is it the same as the name your friends call you, or the one your family knows you by? If anyone has ever said to you, “But you don’t look like a Katherine” (substitute your own name), how did that make you feel?   

I never looked like my given name, and my given name is very weird (Aquarius Ascendant here). My friends never called me by real name, but shortened it to a funky nickname (still Aquarian, but a better fit). My parents didn’t call me by my given name. My father actually called me son on many occasions. (Try that one on for increasing feminine self-esteem, ladies.) My formal name is different from all of those. And here at Auntie Moon, I’m cj ~ my initials in lower case so I don’t have to hit the cap key all the time. The name that fits the way I look and feel least of all is my given name. I don’t feel like I really know that “me.”  

Being the time of a Pisces Moon, “divining” your real name can serve as both an intuitive and analytical process. Which of your hidden, but very strong, characteristics would you like to enhance ~ something within yourself that you are sure of but others may not see? Would your fictious/real name allow you to present an authentic part of yourself that you feel has been missing, and that may enhance the best qualities of your Ascendant or your Sun? As my old teacher said, “Name something and it is yours.” Claim your name, claim yourself.  

At the Table…   

Grilled swordfish seems a good fit for Aries/Pisces days ~ fish for Pisces and swords for Aries. If your days are now warm enough to grill outdoors, this is a quick recipe to cook. If you’re still confined to your kitchen, turn up the  broiler and cook it that way.  

Not as flaky as many fish, swordfish steaks are dense and kind of beefsteak-like in the way they cut. They’re low-calorie with a high anti-inflammatory rating, but not a great choice if you’re watching your cholesterol. You can make a simple marinade for swordfish from the following ingredients:  

  • Olive oil
  • Crushed garlic
  • Coarse black pepper
  • Sea salt
  • Rosemary

Grind all of these together with a mortar and pestle to make a dense paste of this. Rub it on both sides of the swordfish and marinate in a pan for about 30 minutes. (This is also a great rub for lamb chops.) Cook the swordfish on a medium-high to high grill for about 10 minutes (depending on thickness) and turning once. Cooking time in the broiler is about the same.  

…and in the Garden   

Mugwort is one of the herbs used in dream pillows, usually combined with lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and other ingredients. You may know it as wormwood. Scott Cunningham classifies mugwort as belonging  to Venus; Culpepper assigned it to the Sun based on an ancient Egyptian association. I’m including it here under Pisces Moon because of its physical characteristics and because it is believed to enhance psychic abilities, which naturally fits with Pisces.   

Wormwood/mugwort is a sun-loving herb, with a silvery green and feathery appearance and very soft to the touch. (It’s also an ingredient in absinthe, the alcoholic elixir that drove people “mad.”) It’s a very pretty addition to the garden and is quite hardy in the southern US. The wormwood in my yard stayed green all winter, though it suffered a tiny bit during a few freezing nights.   

How about growing a “dream garden” in a container, filled with all the herbs necessary to harvest and dry to make your own dream pillows? There are many recipes available online. You’re sure to find one to your liking.

3 thoughts on “Sun in Aries / Moon in Pisces

  1. Mokihana says:

    Nice view of names, cj. Numerology came into my life at about the time I felt my old identify cramping my style. Just before my first Saturn returning to my Mars in the 8th which was really longing for the SUN. My father named me for a favorite movie start of the generation, a vamp! With Saturn and Mars in such a tight conjunction I think the young leoness just had too much of a reigning.

    I began using my middle name and my female name of lineage … that worked to shake things up and then I’ve used both names together at stretches of time, too. Naming things can change things. It’s cool that you draw in numerology as I have gone to your other site of numbers and been inspired to pick up that angle once again.

    Thanks, cj.


  2. ej runyon says:

    RE: finding your own unique name:
    I was born between two other siblings with a different last name.
    then I was named a first name by accident that my mother couldn’t get out of, but refused to use.
    At age 12/13 I tried coming up with my own new name and found the perfect one by age 15,
    I found the last name when reading the credits of a movie, and I’ve used it ever since.
    And even though there is a new formal first name, friends know me by its diminutive, and I write under my initials. And on the web I write under a second name for my fan fiction.

    I have a Natal Pisces moon – that is in a Grand trine with my ASC & 5th house Neptune in Libra – Maybe this has something to do with my comfort in my mutability of self.
    I carry my unique-ness within me and have no qualms of being several other ‘folks’ in my outer life.


  3. Patricia Lantz says:

    Great article….and got me to thinking…I’ve called by many names…they have become what I now call alter personalities…I’ve sort of collected them over the years as the people closest to me would start calling me by different names…now when someone says my name I know in what period of my life they met me…if they call me Patty or Patty Mae I know they are in some way connected with my childhood or I met them through a childhood friend or my family of origin…in school people began to call me Pat and that became my name for a long period of time…my first husband alternately called me Pat or Patty…my 2nd husband addressed me as either Patricia or Patrick…the man I am with now has added several others…if he is introducing me…I’m Patricia but at other times I’m Patty…Patty Mae…Patricia….Moonbeam (of Andy Cap fame)…Night Sky Reader…and the one my Aries Moon likes best…Xena. In 1992 I legally changed my last name…and you can’t imagine how my life changed then…I have often wondered about the numerology of all this…Thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane..


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