Sun in Pisces ~ Moon in Libra

Sun in Pisces / Moon in Libra
March 1, 7:31pm ~ March 3, 9:11pm

  • Shop for picture frames, or clean the ones you have
  • Sing “your song,” even if it’s from long ago
  • Wear something that makes you feel beautiful

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
                                                                                                      ~ Thomas Merton

What’s Your Song?

Did you ever come across a song that you felt really described you or that made you feel like it was written just for you? Can any of us ever hear “I Dreamed a Dream” again and not think of Susan Boyle? That was her song, her life set to music. Lots of us sing the “Rocky” theme when we feel like a winner.

Did you ever have a “couples song” that you shared with a special someone, or a song that everyone broke into when you were with your friends. It bonded us, celebrated our relationship.

The “couples song” that my husband and I shared was “You are My Sunshine.” Almost everyone knows that one. We sang it to each other a lot in the honeymoon days of our early marriage.

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray.

Back in the early 80’s that song changed forever when my 81-year-old Irish neighbor, Mr. Coleman Welby, caught me on the stoop of my NYC apartment building one afternoon. He had a heavy Irish brogue and was quite a flirt so I doubt I’m the only woman he stopped on the stoop. He grabbed me by the arm, pulled me close and began singing “our song,” but with a slight variation.

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When nobody’s lookin’.

Coleman changed that song forever. He gave me a great laugh that afternoon that I will always remember. Anytime I hear “You are My Sunshine,” I remember “our song” with a whole other slant.

Singing is good for the soul and music can forge strong relationships. Whatever your song, sing out!

At the Table, in the Garden…and by Moonlight

Libra wants to be indulged a bit ~ good atmosphere, food that has a gorgeous presentation. The bottom line is this ~ have anything you want for supper, but serve it on your good plates even if you stopped by McDonald’s on the way home. Throw that box or foil wrap out and treat yourself to a luxurious meal no matter what it is. Venus would love for you top it off with an indulgent dessert, and who can say no to Venus?

Flowers fare very well when planted under a Libra Moon. My gardening guru, Louise Riotte (gardener and astrologer) says, “Since Libra is the sign of beauty and attractiveness, it is not surprising that it should be the ruler of the blossom, or flower petals.” So whether you’re planting or just admiring, gift yourself with some flowers for the next couple of days.

During these few days, I’ll be candying flower petals for a garden club presentation. It makes the most gorgeous presentation you can imagine ~ definitely appealing to Libra sense-abilities. The garden ladies don’t know it yet, but I’ll be treating them to hibiscus champagne made with real hibiscus blossoms in syrup. What a way to spend an afternoon!

A mock champagne can be made with seltzer. The syrup (oh, glorious Venus, you do adore us) should add plenty of sweetness.

There is another way to serve this glorious drink…by moonlight with someone you love, Libra. And who of us doesn’t have a little Libra in them?

Want to hear Susan’s song?