Moon Phases for January 2010 with Zodiactivities

If you are not sure how to determine the moon’s phase in the sky, there’s an explanatory page on this blog, Moon Phase ~ Waxing or Waning?, and there are current moon phase pics on the sidebar for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. You can find links to almanacs and ephemerides here.

Solar Eclipse
January 15th, 2:11am

All times listed here are ET.


Zodiactivities are specific activities that are well-suited for completing during the Moon’s passage through each of the twelve zodiac signs. Since the Moon spends several days in each sign, you can accomplish one or all of the suggested activities. You may also want to check out the 12 Things to Do category for a list of things to do during each of the signs.

Moon in Virgo
January 3rd 9:52pm ~ Jan 5th 11:58pm (ET)

tidy up
organize something manageable
eat something good for you

A critic is a man who knows the way but can’t drive the car.
~ Kenneth Tynan

Moon in Libra
Jan 5th 11:58pm ~ Jan 8th 5:00am

clean your mirrors
let someone else decide what to do if it’s about something insignificant
tell someone you love them (if you mean it)

The person you call an enemy is an exaggerated aspect
of your own shadow self.
~ Deepak Chopra

Moon in Scorpio
Jan 8th 5:00am ~ Jan 10 1:10pm

give your bathroom a thorough scouring
watch a mystery movie, or read the book
make a change you’ve been putting off

The end is where we start from.
~ T.S. Eliot

Moon in Sagittarius
Jan 10 1:10pm ~ Jan 12 11:54pm

flip through travel magazines
browse a topic on WikiPedia
send an email to a friend in a foreign country 

There’s no use talking if you’re not going to exagerate.
~Ortega y Gassett

Moon in Capricorn
Jan 12 11:54pm ~ Jan 15 12:17pm
Solar Eclipse and New Moon at 2:11am

great time for a salt scrub ~ gently, don’t overdo it
visit a garden you admire to view its bare-bones structure
give thought to aging gracefully ~ even if you’re in your 20’s
write out your New Moon wishes for Capricorn

The only way to get rid of my fears is to make films about them.
~ Alfred Hitchcock

Moon in Aquarius
Jan 15 12:17pm ~ Jan 18 1:17am

wear something cool and funky
surf the net (what else?)
shop for greeting cards to send to friends

Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained
in your living room by people you wouldn’t have in your house.
~ David Frost

Moon in Pisces
Jan 18 1:17am ~ Jan 20 1:36pm
Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day ~ January 18th

get or give a foot massage
read an inspirational book or a fantasy
spend some time in meditation or contemplation

The shadow is both the awful thing that needs redemption
and the suffering thing that can provide it.
~ Liz Greene

Moon in Aries
Jan 20 1:36pm ~ Jan 22 11:39pm

have a facial
pick out a new pair of sunglasses
pace yourself, don’t rush ~ especially on the road

Some men are so macho they’ll get you pregnant just to kill a rabbit.
~ Maureen Murphy

Moon in Taurus
Jan 22 11:39pm ~ Jan 25 6:11am

do a little indoor gardening
watch your diet ~ don’t overindulge
balance your bank statement

A change of fortune hurts a wise man no more than a change of the moon.
~ Ben Franklin

Moon in Gemini
Jan 25 6:11am ~ Jan 27 9:01am

have your tires checked
engage in idle chat
relax with your favorite magazines

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
~ Sir Richard Steele

Moon in Cancer
Jan 27 9:01am ~ Jan 29 9:10 am

drink your milk (or get your Vitamin D)
have your favorite meal
watch your mood

Follow the Moon to be in the receptive flow of the quality of the day.
~ Ann Ree Colton

Full Wolf Moon in Leo
If you are in a part of the world that had a Full Moon on January 1st,
this is a Blue Moon for you.
January 29 9:10am ~ Jan 31 8:23am
Full Moon exact on Jan 30 at 1:18am

let your creative juices flow
don’t wait for appreciation, appreciate yourself
do something really, really fun

Creativity is a drug I can’t live without.
~ Cecil B. DeMille

Visit Zodiacarts for a monthly moon phase calendar with notes on the Void-of-Course Moon and “handshake days” which are geared toward business activities.

7 thoughts on “Moon Phases for January 2010 with Zodiactivities

  1. mokihana says:

    What a delightful post at such a great time. My obsession with the moon is getting such a good long drink here. These are such a fun way to get the moon energy in my passenger’s seat, helping me stay in the flow instead of driving into the drink.

    The quotes are wonderfully fit. Aries: Some men are so macho they’ll get you pregnant just to kill a rabbit.
    ~ Maureen Murphy YIKES! That is too funny.


  2. cjwright says:

    Isn’t that quote hysterical?! Next month’s Aries quote won’t give the guys nearly as hard a time.

    You’ll have to clue us in to all the moon names in Hawaii. It’s absolutely fascinating moon lore and I’d love to know more about it.


    • mokihana says:


      I’ve been working on my Kaulana Mahina (Hawaiian Moon Calendar) today … so we’re in sync. Once the ‘Ole Cycle is over (non productive nights) through Thursday,Jan 7th I’ll have an article on our blogs naming and describing the counting of time in traditional Hawaiian sky-counting … in three weeks of ten days.

      Thanks for the encouraging words. More moon, baby!


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