The Daily Moon: February 8, 2016 ~ New Moon in Aquarius, The Numbing Norm

A few days ago when I awoke, the first thought that entered my head was, “What can I do to make today different?” Life in a small town has its restrictions and can become numbing after many repetitive days. It’s a lot like the movie, Groundhog Day. I get up in the morning, feed the cats, have a cup of coffee, and write my morning post. Then the day evolves in its own fashion, never straying far from the previous day. Same thing over and over again. I bet plenty of us feel that way. Continue reading


The Daily Moon ~ February 5, 2016 ~ The Gate of Heaven

Our Lady has returned to Capricorn. A month ago, she was new in this sign. Today, she is the Old Moon, the queen mother awaiting the passage of her sovereignty to her reinvented self.  This is the end of her journey, the balsamic phase, the dream time. To ease her transition, she is fortunate to  find herself in a lovely sextile with Neptune in Pisces, the master dreamer.

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